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Why ATS – Advanced Travel Software is your best travel solution?

ATS – Advanced Travel Software is a travel solution, designed by AirTickets Ltd. – a travel agency and a software development company. Combining both fields and working with long-time professionals, we pay attention to details that facilitate the work for agents and IT specialists.

Our travel agents work in the air travel business for more than a decade having deep knowledge for the details. Our software developers are specialized in developing Online reservation systems. They have created a multitude of them over the past almost two decades.

ATS – Advanced Travel Software is a new generation online reservation system. We created this travel solution for the needs of travel agents and clients alike. The system lets you generate your travel as you would like it to be. Our technical team developed ATS with the close monitoring of the travel agents working in AirTickets.

We created ATS – Advanced Travel Software to deliver to the needs of both agents and clients. It is easy to work with travel solution and simple to understand with a user friendly UI.

How did we come up with this travel solution?

Before starting the developing process we needed to ask ourselves a few questions. We had to determine what would be the best way, the best fare if you wish, for us to maximize our productivity and in the same time minimize our day-to-day efforts.

So the travel agents and software team sat together and started brainstorming. It took us some time to figure it out but in the end after some discussion we came to an agreement. Ever since 2007 the airlines have taken a course of offering different fares that include a variety of perks and/or restrictions.

Then our agents started leading the discussion defining the needs of our clients, restricted by the airlines. With our extensive work close to our clients, we understood that sometimes they want one or another thing for their travel. For instance a client would like to have the opportunity to change their travel dates. Another would prefer to be able to choose a seat before check-in. The most common request is the possibility to travel with a checked baggage.

Here is where our software team had done their research. They provided the best possible option that everyone embraced. We decided to build our travel solution and base on Travelport’s Universal API.

Created by long-time professionals, specialized in their fields, ATS – Advanced Travel Software is a modern easy to work with product. We designed the travel solution and we will continue AirTickets’ mission to always look into the future.


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Our clients

Travel agencies

The system is applicable for both IATA and Non-IATA travel agencies, providing both online and offline travel solutions.

Tour operators

The system facilitates the work for Tour Operators. Easily applicable and compatible with your existing software.


Our affiliate program offers a system to embed on a website with easy to manage settings.

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